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Silver State Health Services is committed to providing quality, cost-effective care for our patients and community.

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Forms are provided in advance to allow you the opportunity to gather and organize your information while reducing your wait time at the clinic. 

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Telehealth Clinic Las Vegas

Expanding affordable access to high-quality mental and behavioral healthcare services in communities.

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Behavioral Health Las Vegas

 As part of practices, we provide services for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD – ADHD/ADD – OCD – Trauma, Behavioral Problems, Social Skills, Self Esteem, Communication, Phobias and Anger Management.

Doctor & Patient

Trusted by Patients to Meet Their Needs

SSH clinics provide a respectful, safe and trusted services and resources. Our innovative environments allow our patients to explore health issues and improve their well-being through interaction with our providers, support staff, case management and others from the community. SSH collaborates with like-minded organizations creating a community safety net of services. SSH understands healthy people need safe environments, food, and access to fundamental resources to live a productive life.

Silver State Health Services

We combine the strengths of technology with irreplaceable personal contact to create
even more effective provider/patient relationships. We consider ourselves the leaders in the field of
Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Primary Care in Las Vegas, offering the best quality of care as a health center in Las Vegas.